Not speaking about costs of getting provisional & final BER’s, but more importantly the build cost of what’s proposed in the Provisional BER. The standard approach to insulate well is good advice. But the there is a point where adding more insulation is not cost effective. If Passive standard (again good advice) is not your aim or wish, but your insulation levels go well beyond Passive then you have to ask is it cost effective and can I afford it.

There seems to be an over reliance by many on extremely high levels of insulation and expensive renewable technology. In many cases this will add an in-ordinate amount of cost to a project, as well as time delays which clients can ill afford.

My advice is, keep it simple & smart.
• Insulate well
• Correct detailing & air tightness
• Consider your heating system – what will suit your day to day
• Carefully select renewables, which fit your life style, are cost effective and show a return.

These simple rules will save a client a small fortune.