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  • Compliant Drawings
  • Building energy rating (provisional)
  • Effluent treatment system detailing
  • Structural Drawings
  • Assembly/technical drawings
  • Certificate of compliance (Design)
  • Written specification
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Individual Services

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We provide Structural Drawings for your building, these would include information on the structural elements of the house, from foundation design, beam design to roof members. These are produced by our qualified & experienced structural engineer

Cost: €800

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 We provide Assembly/Technical Drawings these are the detailed plans, details & site drawings showing how the building is assembled. We provide fully dimensioned assembly drawings with detailed specifications.  We can work with clients to make final adjustments to the house design and help in fitting and finishes and incorporate everything into the plans.

Cost: €900

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We can provide a DEAP based Building energy rating (provisional) this we produce the energy calculations & detailed report for the house. We base these on your preferred options & help in selection of heating system, insulation levels etc. the software we use is SEAI standard software called DEAP.

Cost: €250

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We provide a site plan and effluent treatment system. If your house is to be connected and have it’s own effluent treatment system we  produce the detailed drawings and specification for the system based on the site assessment as part of the planning application.

Cost: €350

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We provide a Certificate of Compliance Design.  One of a number of certificates to be supplied to the local authority is a: Certificate of Compliance – Design. As we have a registered Surveyor on the team we can provide this in conjunction with our own services or that of your own engineer.

Cost: €150

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This written document provides more detailed information regarding products & material standards along with setting out basic methodology.

Cost: €400

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 We can offer and independent review , of your planning application to ensure the drawings  are in-line with the regulation and prevent problems later down the line.

Cost: €150

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Why Choose G.A.S.S. Building Compliance

      • At G.A.S.S. Building Compliance we are bringing you all the key disciplines together in one place
      • You can apply easily online, by phone or email
      • We are professionals with many years experience in the building industry in Ireland
      • We can provide services quickly and at an affordable price.
      • We take care of all aspects to get your building compliant.

What Client’s Say

Michael Has worked for me in the past, his knowledge of the latest requirements and standards were very impressive as well as his knowledge of the various products that were available on the market from a range of suppliers that meet or exceeded these requirements. This in conjunction with his technical & design skills and ideas made him invaluable to us during our build.
Joseph Fahy

I have worked under the supervision of G.A.S.S. and found them to professional & experienced. They are very approachable when-ever I have a query or run into problems on site. I can highly recommend them.

Owner, Duggan Construction ltd