The September 1st changes to the Building Regulations or more accurately the Building Control Regulations have been met by and large with great approval, and the news in slowly spreading. For the domestic one-off market March 2014 (S.I. 9) was a crusher as it meant extra costs, piles of paper work and piles of stress?
So what exactly does the new Building Regulations (S.I.365) mean? Well but simply for the client it means more options when selecting Builders or the option to ‘Self-Build’, more options when looking for someone to oversee & certify the building works.
It’s also less rigorous, with the pit falls and obstacles of S.I. 9 avoided. But the hidden gem lies in the fact, by opting out of S.I. 9 under the new Building Regulations allows clients to move into a home, even before it’s completed. This simple option not available before S.I. 365, can remove all sorts of pressures & costs, particularly as in the later stages of a project, finances are tight to non-existent.
Other positives are less apparent to clients. From a certifiers perspective there still has to be some preparation in advance. General arrangement & assembly drawings, Provisional BER etc. need to be prepared for the commencement notice. This ensures the right foot forward and prevents some of the hick-ups along the way.