Key aspect to compliance documents and part L of the building regulations is the Provisional Building Energy Rating (BER), where the energy rating is calculated with specification & detailing put together before the building works start.

Been compiled at the early stage means there wont be any surprises or problems during or at the completion stage. The assigned certifier also has the information needed to check the building works as they proceed and if necessary allow for changes along the way.

While the building regulation and compliance is a critical aim of the BER, our service focuses the clients requirements. We will take you through the varies options & decisions on Insulation, heating systems, renewable energy options etc.

Our standard report includes
• Provisional BER certificate & advisory report (by SEAI)
• Written Specification
• Sectional drawings / details (also available in CAD format)
• DEAP generated Part L specification & detailed report.

You will also receive the DEAP software (xml) file.

Additional features such as thermal bridge calculation & Natural ventilation requirements can also be provided upon request.

Currently offering BER at €250

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