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Septic tank pump ‘Burning out’

Over the years I have encountered many instances where the discharge pump would burn out, every two years or so, sometimes annually. Really a pump should last much longer (some for 10 years or […]

Attaining standards

Following up on a fellow techie’s recent BRegsForum blog post, lamenting in part the lost opportunity to bring improvement & greater control as promised under SI9.

I’m not sure if the ‘opt out option’ […]

Building Regulations S.I. 365

The September 1st changes to the Building Regulations or more accurately the Building Control Regulations have been met by and large with great approval, and the news in slowly spreading. For the domestic one-off […]

Update to building control regulations

Some major changes to the Building Regulations affecting SI9 have been announced. The most significant change in the latest amendment (referred to as S.I. 365 taking effect from the 1st September) is the “opt […]

True cost of BER

Not speaking about costs of getting provisional & final BER’s, but more importantly the build cost of what’s proposed in the Provisional BER. The standard approach to insulate well is good advice. But the […]


We all know the importance of ventilation, or at least we should. Healthy living means healthy accommodation, and includes ventilation. I know you might feel there is a contradiction here, with building regulations requiring […]