Following up on a fellow techie’s recent BRegsForum blog post, lamenting in part the lost opportunity to bring improvement & greater control as promised under SI9.

I’m not sure if the ‘opt out option’ results in a lost opportunity to improve the construction sector. I feel the aims of SI9 can only actually be achieved by the RIAI, Engineers Ireland & SCSI adopting something similar to the SEAI model for quality assurance.

It’s ironic and strange but as a group BER assessors seem to be the only one having to achieve and continually improve standards. This is achieved by
• Bi annual exams
• Regular audits
• Active Support system provided by SEAI.

Failure in exams and audits means been struck off (if only temporality), but provides a strong motivation to improve one’s standards. While the exams and audits are a pain in the arse, SEAI have set an example of how to improve standards and deliver to the customer.